Polaroid Memories

Our Youth

Urban cone

Formed in 2010, Urban Cone has enjoyed substantial success in their native Sweden with their debut album, 2013’s 'Our Youth', and 2015’s 'Polaroid Memories', both released on Polar Music.

Lena andersson

Did you know that Lena Andersson recorded a few swedish versions of ABBA songs such as 'Hasta Manana'? Get to know her discography better via the link below.


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Tomas ledin

Tomas Ledin is one of the most popular artists Sweden has ever seen. In his home-country, he had already scored several domestic hits when he joined Polar Music in 1979, but his new label provided him with immediate international exposure. He sang backing vocals for ABBA on their tours of North America and Europe that year and was even afforded a solo spot performing his first Polar single, Not Bad At All, during the shows.


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Björn & Benny Lycka album cover


Portrait of Björn och Benny

Björn och Benny

The core songwriter/producer team of ABBA, Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson, first met each other in the summer of 1966. Within weeks of that initial meeting they had written their first song together.


How well do you know the extensive music catalogue besides iconic acts such as ABBA and Ted Gärdestad? We've created the ultimate Polar Music playlist to get you introduced to both well known songs and hidden gems.

ABBA Thank you for the music album cover

Thank You For The Music

ABBA Live at Wembley album cover

Live At Wembley

ABBA Gold Anniversary Greatest Hits collection cover

ABBA Gold Anniversary Edition

ABBA The Essential Collection cover

The Essential Collection

ABBA Gold collection cover


ABBA Oro "Grandes Exitos" collection cover

Oro "Grandes Exitos"

More ABBA Gold collection cover

More ABBA Gold

ABBA Gracias Por La Musica collection cover

Gracias Por La Musica

Mats Ronander Tokig album cover


Mats Ronander 50/50 album cover


Mats Ronander God bok album cover

God Bok

Mats Ronander Hård kärlek album cover

Hård Kärlek

Pugh Rogefeldt album cover

Pugh Rogefeldt

Infinite Mass The face album cover

The Face

Chana album cover

Here to stay

Emma Nilsdotter Från mig till dig album cover

Från mig till dig

Electric Boys Freewheelin' album cover


Skintrade Roach powder album cover

Roach Powder

Skintrade album cover


Poster Stars on Mars album cover


Lambretta The Fight album cover

The Fight

Lambretta album cover


ABBA Voyage album cover


ABBA The Visitors album cover

The Visitors

ABBA Super Trouper album cover

Super Trouper

ABBA Volez-Vous album cover


ABBA The album, album cover

ABBA - The Album

ABBA Arrival album cover


ABBA album cover


ABBA Waterloo album cover


Björn, Benny & Agnetha, Frida Ring ring album cover

Ring Ring

Beagle Sound on sound album cover

Sound On Sound

Bel Air 1+1=2 single cover


Bel Air På äventyr single cover

På Äventyr

Parkas Pop Semester i Polen single cover

Semester i Polen

Stilmord Förbjuden kärlek single cover

Förbjuden Kärlek

Stilmord Det spelar ingen roll rock n roll single cover

Det Spelar Ingen Roll Rock N Roll / Kärleken Är Blind

Lena Olin Sommarbrevet album cover

Sommarbrevet (Jag Skrev Ett Brev)

Runeson album cover


Lill Lindfors Om du var här album cover

Om Du Var Här

Helena Döse Sjunger nordiska romanser album cover

Sjunger Nordiska Romanser

Tove Naess Isn't it crazy album cover

Isn't It Crazy

Fia Nyström glittrande ljus album cover

Glittrande Ljus

Fia Nyström Natt Katt album cover

Natt Katt

Janne Loffe Carlsson Strikt kommersiell album cover

Strikt Kommersiell

Agnetha Nu tändas tusen juleljus album cover

Nu Tändas Tusen Juleljus

Agnetha Eyes of a woman album cover

Eyes Of A Woman

Agnetha Wrap your arms around me album cover

Wrap Your Arms Around Me

Tomas Ledin Captured album cover


Tomas Ledin Gränslös album cover


Tomas Ledin The human touch album cover

The Human Touch

Tomas Ledin Looking for a good time album cover

Lookin' For A Good Time

Finn Kalvik Tenn dine vakre oyne album cover

Tenn Dine Vakre Øyne

Finn Kalvik Natt or dag album cover

Natt og dag

Finn Kalvik Kom ut kom fram album cover

Kom ut kom fram

Wellander & Ronander album cover

Wellander & Ronander

Svenne & Lotta Bring it on home album cover

Bring It On Home

Svenne & Lotta Letters album cover


Svenne & Lotta 2 album cover


Svenne & Lotta Oldies but goodies album cover

Oldies But Goodies

Frida Something's going on album cover

Something's Going On

Frida Ensam album cover


Frida Shine album cover


Lucas album cover


Adam Lamberth Kyrkokonsert 2 album cover

Kyrkokonsert 2

Arne Lamberth Jorden runt på 30 minuter album cover

Jorden Runt På 30 Minuter (Melodier Från 12 Länder)

Arne Lamberth Våra käraste psalmer 2

Våra Käraste Psalmer 2

Arne Lamberth Våra käraste psalmer album cover

Våra Käraste Psalmer

Kyrkokonsert med Arne Lamberth album cover

Kyrkokonsert Med Arne Lamberth

Arne Lamberth album cover

Arne Lamberth

Arne Lamberth Psalmer och andliga sånger album cover

Psalmer Och Andliga Sånger

Ted Gärdestad äntligen på väg

Äntligen på väg

Ted Gärdestad Stormvarning album cover


Ted Gärdestad Franska kort album cover

Franska Kort

Ted Gärdestad Upptåg album cover


Ted Gärdestad Blue Virgin Isles album cover

Blue Virgin Isles

Ted Gärdestad Undringar album cover


Ted Gärdestad I'd rather write a symphony album cover

I'd Rather Write A Symphony

Ted album cover


Lena Andersson Det bästa som finns album cover

Det Bästa Som Finns

Lena Andersson 12 nya visor album cover

12 Nya Visor

Lena Andersson 15 album cover

Lena 15

Lena Andersson album cover


Mats Olin album cover


Hootenanny Singers För kärleks skull album cover

För Kärleks Skull

Hootenanny Singers Nya vindar album cover

Nya Vindar

Hootenanny Singers Evert Taube på vårt sätt

Evert Taube På Vårt Sätt

Hootenanny Singers Dan Andersson på vårt sätt album cover

Dan Andersson På Vårt Sätt

Hootenanny Singers Våra vackraste visor 2

Våra Vackraste Visor 2

Hootenanny Singers Våra vackraste visor album cover

Våra Vackraste Visor

Hootenanny Singers Skillingtryck album cover


Hootenanny Singers På tre man hand album cover

På Tre Man Hand

Hootenanny Singers Bellman på vårt sätt album cover

Bellman På Vårt Sätt

Hootenanny Singers 5 år album cover

5 år

Hootenanny Singers Civila album cover


Hootenanny Singers Många Ansikten album cover

Många Ansikten - Many Faces

Hootenanny Singer sjunger Evert Taube album cover

Hootenanny Singers Sjunger Evert Taube

Hootenanny Singers 2 album cover

Hootenanny Singers 2

Hootenanny Singers album cover

Hootenanny Singers

Svenne och Lotta on a train.

Svenne & Lotta

Husband and wife duo Svenne and Lotta Hedlund both had a background in The Hep Stars, Sweden’s biggest band in the 1960s, counting ABBA’s Benny Andersson among its members. Signing to Polar in the early 1970s, Svenne & Lotta scored a major hit with their first album for the label, 1973’s Oldies But Goodies, consisting of the duo’s versions of American hits from the late 1950s and early 1960s. The album was particularly successful in Denmark, where Oldies But Goodies broke The Beatles’ sales record.

Ted Gärdestad playing acoustic guitar.

Ted GärDestad

Something of a wunderkind and one of the most melodically gifted songwriters Sweden has ever seen, Ted Gärdestad was only 15 years old when he released his first album on Polar in 1972. This and his following three hit albums were all produced by ABBA’s Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus. The core of Ted’s success, however, was the extraordinary songs he wrote together with his lyricist brother Kenneth. Today, tunes such as Jag vill ha en egen måne, Sol, vind och vatten, Eiffeltornet, Chapeau-claque and many others are regarded as timeless classics.

Beagle band members.


One of the first great Swedish pop groups from the early 1990’s, Beagle secured a record deal with Polar based on the first two demo songs it recorded. Signed by Stikkan Anderson, the group released two albums produced by Martin Hennel – ”Sound on Sound” (1992) and ”Within” (1993).

Portrait of Lambretta lead singer.


Lambretta was originally formed as an all-male band in 1993. Joined by lead singer Linda Sundblad three years later, their debut album, Breakfast, was issued by Universal Music in 1999. Their follow-up, 2001’s eponymous Lambretta, was the group’s first album to be released on the Universal-owned Polar Music label.

Hootenanny Singers on stage.

Hootenanny Singers

For the first decade of Polar’s existence, no group was more successful than the Hootenanny Singers. Counting ABBA’s Björn Ulvaeus among its members, the group started out as a folk music combo, branching out into light-pop, and even some 1960s-style beat music.

Black and white portrait of Agnetha Fältskog.


A highly popular singer and songwriter in Sweden since she was 17, Agnetha Fältskog would score even bigger hits when she joined Polar. Mainly as a quarter of ABBA, but also with her solo recordings, the first of which was the Wrap Your Arms Around album, issued in 1983. Produced by Mike Chapman, fresh from his work with Blondie, the album spawned a hit with The Heat Is On, which reached number one in Sweden.

Portrait of Frida in front of a windmill.


Mainly known as a member of ABBA, Frida also enjoyed a successful solo career on Polar. Famously, she recorded the original Swedish version of ABBA’s Fernando for her 1975 album Frida ensam (“Frida alone”), which spent six weeks at number one in Sweden.


By far the biggest act to record for Polar – and one of the major pop bands of all time – ABBA was formed in 1972, first recording under the name Björn & Benny, Agnetha & Anni-Frid. Their victory with Waterloo in the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest saw an international breakthrough on a scale that was unprecedented for a group with its roots outside the English-speaking world. Hits such as Mamma Mia, Fernando, Dancing Queen and Knowing Me, Knowing You cemented ABBA’s popularity on the global arena.

Portrait of Lena Andersson in forest.

Lena Andersson

Lena Andersson was no more than 15 years old when she was discovered by Polar owner Stig Anderson, who heard her singing on the radio. In the spring of 1971, Lena’s first single, Är det konstigt att man längtar bort nån gång (a Swedish version of Buffy Saint-Marie’s I’m Gonna Be A Country Girl Again) became a smash hit. To this day, it remains a well-known Swedish classic.