Beagle band members.


One of the first great Swedish pop groups from the early 1990’s, Beagle secured a record deal with Polar based on the first two demo songs it recorded. Signed by Stikkan Anderson, the group released two albums produced by Martin Hennel – ”Sound on Sound” (1992) and ”Within” (1993).

The band was nominated for the Swedish music prize Grammis twice, had songs on the Swedish top ten list and toured Sweden. Their quirky videos were frequently played on MTV and their records were released in several countries, gaining a cult following in California and Japan.

Beagle’s energy driven pop, well-crafted songs and close harmonies was one of the first signs of the emerging Swedish pop scene that gained so much international success later in the 1990’s. In 2022, the band reunited for a special concert in their hometown Lund.