Svenne och Lotta on a train.

Svenne & Lotta

Husband and wife duo Svenne and Lotta Hedlund both had a background in The Hep Stars, Sweden’s biggest band in the 1960s, counting ABBA’s Benny Andersson among its members. Signing to Polar in the early 1970s, Svenne & Lotta scored a major hit with their first album for the label, 1973’s Oldies But Goodies, consisting…

The couple competed in the Swedish selection for the Eurovision Song Contest in 1975 with the original version of ABBA’s Bang-A-Boomerang. Although Svenne & Lotta only finished third, they scored a big hit with the song in Scandinavia, remaining one of Polar’s major acts throughout the 1970s.

Photo: Ola Lager © Premium Rockshot